Illinois Garden Case Studies

Beautiful gardens are growing across the state! Check out the case studies below to get inspired. Do you have a garden story to share? Contact to be featured below!

Students at Westmont High School in DuPage County, Illinois are growing food indoors and out! 

westmont hs garden hydroponic

Westmont High School Indoor Garden Program

Lisa Hootman, science teacher, manages the Westmont High School garden program Earth to School. Westmont has expanded their garden from 8 raised outdoor beds to 16. They added indoor hydroponics incorporating high school curriculum from biology, chemistry, environmental science, math, and business. In the fall, the school donates part of their harvest to the People’s Resource Center in Westmont. They also hold an autumn Farmer’s Market in conjunction with school athletic activities. The garden is truly year-round and also feeds the students in the form of classroom tastings, and on the lunch line! Lisa worked with a company called Root 66, based in Brookfield, to install the hydroponic garden. Westmont High School is doing great work teaching students how to grow and eat more veggies!