Join us at the Free Illinois Farm to School Summit! Held June 7th, 2016 at Lincoln Land Community College. Advance registration is required.


Morning: Hands-On Workshops

There are three tracks happening in the morning: Cafeteria, Classroom and Farmer. Please choose one track in your registration and attend those workshops only.

Track 1: Cafeteria: Let’s Do Lunch…Literally! cafeteria

A three-hour hands-on training seminar in the kitchen.

9am – 11:50am

Workshop 1: A Tale of Two Salad Bars.

A salad bar is just a salad bar, until it’s locally sourced year-round.

Trainer – Diane Chapeta, Former Food Service Director from Chilton, Wisconsin – Current Farm to School Coordinator in Illinois

Workshop 1 Continued: Cooking Local from Scratch on a School Budget!

Create a full meal that fits nutritional and budget standards for schools.. quickly and easily!

Trainer – Chef Greg Christian, Beyond Green: Sustainable Food Partners

Chef Greg Christian is a sustainable foodservice consultant, chef, author, and entrepreneur. His company, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners, provides measured strategies and solutions for organizations interested in making the switch to more sustainable foodservice platforms. The company is also a local foodservice provider for the greater Chicago community.


Track 2: Educator: Farm to School in the Classroom

ISBE Credit Hours Available!

Workshop 1: Grow Your Grub! Curriculum

Take home a new curriculum for your classroom and school garden.


Educators – Andy Heck & Jen Dillman, genHkids

Workshop 2: Classroom Tastings and Best Ideas for School Gardens.

Want to bring food education into the classroom? Learn from the experts at U of I Extension.

10am – 10:50am

Educator – Carol Erickson, University of Illinois Extension

Workshop 3: Illinois Harvest of the Month

Learn about a new program starting in Fall of 2016: Illinois Harvest of the Month. Get classroom activities and learn more about local foods in the cafeteria.

11am – 11:50am

Educator – Lydia Mills, Seven Generations Ahead

Option 3: Farmer: Growing For Institutions

Workshop 1: How to Sell Wholesale on a Limited Budget.


Educator – Cynthia Haskins, Manager of Business Development and Compliance, Illinois Farm Bureau

Workshop 2: GroupGAP and Food Safety for Schools

Feel trapped by GAP? Learn about innovative ways to bring your product to market, while also learning more food safety in the fields and what food safety standards and assurances schools need.

11am – 11:50am

Educator – Laurie George, University of Illinois Extension Small Farms/Local Foods Educator


12:00 pm Lunch

We’ve revised an all-time favorite school lunch and will serve a locally sourced meal prepared by school employees and managers. From processed to local- this will blow your mind, without blowing your budget. (We promise!) Vegetarian options are available. Be sure to mark your preference when you register.

1:00 pm – 3:30 pm Plenary:

I. Opening Talk: A Road-map to Farm to School in Illinois  – 1:00 pm

II. Panel Discussion: Let’s Make Procurement Easy – 1:15 – 2:00 pm 

Speakers: Chef Greg Christian, Diane Chapeta SGA, Lindsay Blough ISBE, FarmLogix

III. Lightning Talks: Knowledge at the speed of light! 2:00 – 2:15 pm

  1. Krops 4 Kids
  2. School District Champions; laying the groundwork for your success!

IV. Group Workshop – 2:15 pm

Choose a table and a topic:

Procurement, Education, Policy, Outreach.

Help us create strategies to grow IL Farm to School!

V. Raffle Prizes! 3:15 pm

From spoons to seeds to mandolins…we’ve got something you’ll need.

Do you need financial assistance to bring kitchen staff to the summit for training? We can help! Contact us about our “Training for Change” sponsorship program at: Diane@Seven Generations 

Thank you to our current sponsors!