• Here are some great materials from outside organizations on the topic of local food procurement. All of these resources have been vetted and provide useful information on how to add local foods into school food purchases.
  1. USDA Farm to School:
    • USDA Local Food Procurement Guide
      • This is specific to Illinois, and goes over the different types of bidding strategies and ways to bring local vendors into your current distribution service
    • Local Procurement Decision Tree
      • Includes information on the federal micropurchase threshold (a way to make small purchases without a bid) and how to decide whether to use informal or formal procurement methods
    • Farm to Summer
      • If you operate a summer meal site through SFSP, this is information on how to incorporate local food purchases into your program
    • Farm to School Resource Guide
      • Contains an array of resources from planning to sustaining your farm to school program, including guides on finding and buying local foods.

  2. USDA Farm to School Factsheets:

  3. Local Food Search Engines and Maps

  4. Preserving Locally Harvested Produce in School Meals

  5. USDA Guide to Reducing Wasted Food in Schoos