Finding Schools & Early Care Sites

It can be difficult to figure out which school districts or early care providers to reach out to. We suggest starting local first: do you have personal connections to a school or daycare? Reaching out to a site where you know a teacher or child can be a great entry point. Otherwise, use the tools below to expand your search.

Farm to School Census, USDA Office of Community Food

This website catalogs school districts whose school nutrition directors have taken the Farm to School Census. Take a look through the list to find districts near your operation who have shown interest in purchasing local foods.

Harvest of the Month Map, IL Farm to School Network

Check out the map of feeding and garden sites and paretner organizations who have participated in Illinois Harvest of the Month, our primary program for all sites to celebrate local and garden foods.

Public School District Lookup, IL State Board of Education

Use this directory to find school districts around Illinois. The site links to each district's website, where you can find the contact information for the school nutrition director (or foodservice director).

Childcare Center Search

Use this search tool from to find early care providers in your local area who may be interested in purchasing foods for their meal programs.