Resources for Nutrition Education

There are many resources online, free for schools to use in the classroom or garden. Nutrition education is a key element of farm to school, from Pre-K to high school. Students who learn about why eating healthy food is important for their growth, and are more frequently exposed to different kinds of foods, are more likely to eat healthfully. In the classroom, there are many tools and curriculum teachers can use. Here are a variety of free tools for nutrition education with a farm to school lens.

IFSN Curriculum Library

Illinois Farm to School Network has assembled a Curriculum Library including individual food lessons and garden lessons for K-8 and early childcare from farm to school and state agriculture sites across the U.S. This public Google folder is free to use and all lessons within are downloadable .

Great Garden Adventure, USDA

This standards-based curriculum is great for use in classrooms and the garden. The curriculum is designed for third and fourth graders and comes with a good amount of materials, handouts, posters, flash cards, and pre-made activities. Elementary schools that participate in the National School Lunch program are eligible to get a free copy on the USDA website.

Edible Schoolyard Resource Hub

The Edible Schoolyard is a program based in Berkeley, California, that has gained national attention. Their website has user donated curricula modules, lesson plans, and recipes for free use.

Good, Clean and Fair Curriculum, Slow Food USA

Slow Food USA is part of the international Slow Food organization, which organized Terra Madre and the Ark of Taste. In the US, their school garden program features classroom curriculum all about food. The “Good” section of their curriculum is all about building students’ healthy attitudes about trying new foods.

Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education, Western Growers Fdn.

The Collective School Garden Network has developed an extensive list of resources that link nutrition education to school gardens. Many resources here are used in California school gardens and were developed by the California Department of Education.

Meet The Farmer Videos from Small Bites Adventure Club

This new video series features farmers growing fruits and vegetables, STEAM and agriculture education themes. These videos were created for third graders, but children of all ages will love them!